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With the rapidly growing home internet usage for multiple aspects due to the world going digital, we at Graceway, understand and are future ready with our Graceway Fi-Bro Solution - our FTTH (Fiber To The Home) connectivity. With FTTH connectivity, you get high network performance, specifically higher speeds over long distances, that were previously unreachable via the older method of using coaxial cables, twisted pair conductors and DSL. Due to its significantly higher bandwidth, FTTH is considered by experts as the best technology to handle consumer network demands in the coming decades. Some benefits that come with this include:

• Improved performance for high-definition video streaming on applications like YouTube and OTT Applications

• Allows for multiple upgrades without having to replace the fiber, leading some to call FTTH technology "future proof", as the infrastructure surrounding the fiber can be updated without having to update the fiber itself.

• Higher speeds over longer distances than any previous technologies.

• Better than other fiber configurations because fiber connects directly to residences and can complete remaining network segments with Ethernet or coaxial cable.

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